Delaware County Commission on Human Relations  

Delaware County should implement a Commission on Human Relations to promote understanding among our diverse population groups. The primary mission of the CHR would be to promote harmony and advance positive human relations. The CHR would resolve neighborhood conflicts, mediate disputes, partner with municipalities, school boards and police departments to address intergroup tension and hold hearings for educational purposes. If a Delco resident believes one has been a victim of racial, gender, sexual preference, or gender identity discrimination or bias at work, home or commercial property or while accessing a public service, facility or business, the CHR would investigate those charges. The CHR would be a safe place to discuss a decision about whether or not a victim should levy charges of domestic or sexual violence or harassment. The CHR would be charged with investigating the harm common job applications do to Delco residents with a criminal record, especially those with non-violent offenses, with the goal of determining if we should “ban the box” that asks questions about criminal backgrounds on employment applications.