Good Government

100 years of Republican one-party rule in Delco has brought us cronyism, corruption and a lack of constituent service. That all began to change with the 2017 election of two Democrats, Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden, and will be eliminated this year when three Democrats sweep this election and implement good government in Delaware County government. No more no-bid contracts for party contributors. Implementing fair and open bidding processes will save taxpayers money and improve services we receive. Good government means ending nepotism and hiring the best qualified candidates for government positions. Good Government means financial controls and transparency. Good government is open government. All County Council meetings should be conducted at night and televised so everyone can participate and stay abreast of policy decisions effecting them.

In 1997, I co-founded a bi-partisan civic group, Citizens for Good Government, and attended every Commissioners’ meeting for five years. One of our accomplishments was to lobby for putting the insurance contract out to a competitive bid. For years, the Commissioners resisted but we made it an election issue and they finally enacted a competitive bidding process for the township’s insurance programs. The incumbent won the business but substantially lowered his premiums in order to do so. This saved taxpayers’ money.  As a member of County Council, I will implement competitive bidding processes for all government contracts.

County Council member Brian Zidek has coined the term, “the corruption tax” as an explanation for why Delaware County residents pay more in county taxes than those in surrounding counties. As Brian sited as just two examples, when the Chairman of the Delaware County Republican Party Committee is on the county payroll and his brother is appointed to a critically important position like the Superintendent of the county jail, for which he is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then hinders transparency about expenditures, we have a problem. Implementing good government is job number one!