Great turnout for Haverford Dems’ February 12 Meeting

Haverford Township Democratic Committee's coverage of my announcement at their February 12 meeting.

Another recent entrant to the congressional race, Arata discussed his experience as a long-time Democrat working on local environmental issues and described himself as “always on the right side” of other Democratic concerns, such as gun control and reproductive rights. It is the health care issue, however, that compelled Arata to run for office. His own son’s heroin addiction led to a fatal overdose just two months ago and fueled Arata’s frustration over the “insanity” of insurance company policies that delay treatment until a relapse occurs or deny treatment using other technicalities. Pointing to universal health care as the reason other countries do not have our problems with addiction treatment, Arata pledged to “do something about this” and “fight for Democrats” whether he wins or loses the May 15 primary.