Sunoco Pipeline

The Governor and the Public Utility Commission (PUC) have allowed Sunoco to take private property from hundreds of Delaware County residents through eminent domain in order to construct the Mariner 2 pipeline. The purpose of this pipeline is to transport liquefied natural gas (LNG), taken as a bi-product of fracking in the northern regions of PA, to Marcus Hook (Delaware County) where it will be shipped to a company in Scotland to be used as a raw material to manufacture plastics. The taking of private property through eminent domain is only lawful if the use of the land provides a public good. The only party that will benefit from this pipeline is Sunoco, a private company, not a public utility, who will make profits from selling a raw material to an oversees plastics company. We will not receive lower utility bills or cleaner air as a result of this pipeline. This taking of Delco residents’ private property through eminent domain was unconstitutional and never should have been allowed.

The pipeline also presents an unacceptable risk to public safety. Sunoco admits that if a pipeline rupture occurs, the blast zone of the resulting explosion could entail a one-mile radius. If this happened in densely populated Delaware County, thousands would be killed and severely injured. Worse yet, the Governor and the PUC have allowed Sunoco to locate the pipeline within 625 feet from Rosetree Elementary School in Media and two senior citizens assisted care facilities. This presents an unacceptable risk to the safety of our children and elderly. The County Council should request that the Governor and PUC order Sunoco to relocate the pipeline so it is not within the blast zone of any school or senior citizen assisted care facility.

 I am the only candidate for County Council who has spoken at County Council meetings advocating for the recently completed risk assessment study. This study never would have been authorized had it not been for the pressure Democratic Party council members Brian Zidek and Kevin Madden put on Republican members to study this issue. I am also the only County Council candidate who spoke at a Middletown Township Council meeting advocating against the locating of the pipeline near the Rosetree Elementary School. I am the only County Council candidate who spoke at the December 17, 2018 County Council meeting and questioned the consultants about the risk of locating a LNG pipeline so close to a school. I have demonstrated a unique level of commitment among the county council candidates to protecting public safety from the risk associated with the Sunoco pipeline.