5. The Economy:

1.    We must invest a trillion dollars in rebuilding our transportation infrastructure, creating a million new jobs and improving productivity.

2.    Every worker is entitled to a living wage of at least $15 an hour.

3.    Every company with over $100 million in annual revenue must provide every worker with healthcare benefits whether they work full or part time.

4.    Workers who are not provided health insurance by their employers and cannot afford the market rates for individual or family coverage will be offered Medicaid coverage on a sliding scale cost basis depending on their incomes, not to exceed 10%.

5.    Trade laws must be enforced. Countries dumping steel and other products in the US should be fined substantially so that US companies can compete.

6.    Our trading partners must adopt fair labor laws and environmental regulations in order to qualify for free trade status.

7.    Every worker’s right to join a labor union must be protected by the federal government.

8.    Charter schools who harass teachers exercising their rights to unionize will lose their charters.

9.    Labor unions must improve their performance of recruiting workers from racial minorities.

10. We must train our workforce at trade schools and community colleges and recruit young people to seek careers in the trades. (See “Education” section.)

11. It is unconscionable that Republicans have enacted such a large tax cut, disproportionately benefitting the extremely wealthy and then cut the budget for food stamps and Medicaid for the poor. The greatest nation in the world must never abandon our most vulnerable citizens.

12. Corporate tax breaks must be redirected to economic redevelopment, small businesses, historic rehabilitation, low income housing and job creation.