3. The Environment:

1.    Scientists predict higher frequency of floods, famines, and superstorms unless the world keeps temperature rises below 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit this century. Scientists must be respected and their recommendations for the safety of the planet heeded.

2.    We will eliminate fossil fuel-powered energy plants and transportation within 30 years.

3.    The Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act will once again be enforced as the law of the land. CO2 will be regulated and development on wetlands will be outlawed.

4.    New building in 100-year flood plains will be outlawed, regardless of insurance status, unless structures are modified (elevated) to withstand floods.

5.    There will not be any new trash incinerators built. It is unnecessary to burn trash if recycling and composting is maximized. These plants produce too much CO2, CO, NOx, O3, mercury, cadmium and lead in the air and ash waste, which eventually seeps into nearby waterways and aquifers.

6.    Our National Parks system must be preserved and expanded.